Winter Landscaping Wonderland - South Florida Style

South Florida is the land of sunshine, swaying palms, and long miles of sandy beaches, but contrary to what many folks may think, the region does have seasons; they just happen to be a bit different (and a lot more subtle) than the more northerly parts of the state and, of course our northern neighbors. While many states enjoy a distinct winter, spring, summer and fall, Florida is more accurately described as having a “wet” or hurricane season, and a “dry” cooler period.

Locals will often quip that we have 'hot, and hotter' when questioned about seasons, or another favorite, 'We had winter yesterday.' Still, most Floridians take the threat of a hurricane much better than the threat of cold weather.

The winter of 2010 was an exceptionally cold winter statewide, and South Florida saw the coldest winter recorded in 82 years when temperatures in Miami dipped to 36 degrees. Then the next three winters reported slightly above average temperatures, with Miami averaging 72.3 degrees for the winter season.

The Grow Pros

Whether the weather remains predicable or is unseasonably hot or cold, Florida’s landscapers and groundskeeping pros have to know how to adjust to keep lawns, trees, shrubbery and flower plantings lush and green at all times. Fortunately, since the early 1950s horticulture professionals have the Florida Nursery, Growers, and Landscape Association (FNGLA) to provide education, training, and certification.

Deb Joneck, chairperson for FNGLA’s marketing and membership committee has served on the board for eight years. Ben Bolusky helps staff the committee with Joneck—and both say they're particularly proud of the education programs the group offers to its members.


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