Ten Hot ( and Cool ) Tips An Energy-Saving Primer

 Energy efficiency has become a “buzz word” over the past couple years in South Florida and more and more gadgets and  devices have come on the market that are specifically designed to use less  energy. Saving energy does a lot more than just reduce a building’s carbon footprint and toxic emissions, however—going green can save a building some green too. The steps condos and HOAs can  take to reduce energy consumption and save money range from the very simple to  the very complex.  

 We asked various energy experts to offer their best tips for saving energy and  money. Remember, the list is just a start—there are many ways in which you can go green, but following some of these ideas  is a great place to start.  

 Better Appliances and Accessories

 It’s simple: upgrade appliances and other accessories to more energy-efficient  models, and you’ll see a major difference. When you’re choosing new appliances, look for the Energy Star certification and the  EnergyGuide Label. The certification means that the appliance has met standards  that make it an energy-efficient unit. They use less energy and water than the  older models. The Energy Star label was established to reduce greenhouse gas  emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy and to  make it easy for consumers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products.  

 “Condos should be a little more vigilant with regards to equipment,” says Michael Dobson, president and CEO of the Florida Renewable Energy  Producers Association in Tallahassee. “What types of dishwashers, washers and dryers and refrigerators are they using?  They should be using up-to-date Energy Star equipment and there are tax breaks,  and everyone likes those.” For additional information check out  


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