Q&A: Parking Complaint

Q. Three years ago a couple bought a condo in our building “as is,” and with only one assigned parking spot. Since that time, they have been trying to get a second parking spot since everyone else in the building has two assigned parking spots. With limited parking there isn’t room to create a new additional parking spot. 

 Three months ago the couple told our maintenance person that if all else fails, they would get a handicap sticker and have a spot for their new second car. After legal action and going through mediation, the matter remains open as their lawyer has indicated he would proceed no further with any action unless they gave him more money and thus things are on hold. 

 The couple now have recently obtained a handicap sticker and are now parking the second vehicle in the handicap spot. They live here only part-time and the board doesn’t know what to do. 

 When I asked them how long they were going to be parking in the handicap spot they said that I cannot ask any questions about their handicap or their use of the spot, or the board would be sued. How do we resolve this game playing? Can an owner with one assigned parking spot use a handicap spot or a guest spot for a full-time second vehicle ?

                                                  —In Limbo


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