Q&A: Belated Board Minutes

Q Our management posts the last board meeting's minutes on a website that unit owners can access, but they're posted several months after the meeting took place, and sometimes after the following meeting has already happened. I've made repeated requests to get them earlier, but both the management and the board have ignored me and pointed the finger the other way. I haven't looked at the bylaws but is there usually something in there about this? If it goes against the bylaws, what action could I take to force them to publish minutes in a timely fashion?

—Waiting in West Palm

A “Pursuant to the association’s bylaws and Florida Statutes minutes of meetings should be taken and maintained as part of the association’s 'Official Records,'” says Shari Garrett, an attorney at the law firm of Siegfried, Rivera, Hyman, Lerner, De La Torre, Mars & Sobel in West Palm Beach. “However, there is no time parameter outlined in Florida Statutes and there are generally not such time parameters contained within an association’s bylaws.

“Recognizing that the board meeting minutes are typically transcribed, either from someone’s handwritten notes or a tape recorder, and are not adopted as proper minutes until they have been approved at a subsequent board meeting, it is typical to anticipate a delay.

“It is our practice to recommend to our clients that these proposed minutes be prepared as soon as practicable and circulated to the board members prior to the next scheduled board meeting, as traditionally, the minutes from the prior meeting are approved at the next scheduled board meeting.”

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  • Hi I am an owner in a co-op gor over 20 years.The board decided in 2012 to hire mgmt co.This lady won t ever talk to you .She passes messages through email.She has changed all rules and refuses to give update on money.Our maintenance fee has tripled since she came aboard.I can get no answers to any questions .I want to know how much money is in escrow.She refuses to tell us.She loses paperwork all the time and even our maintenence checks.She jas an office in her home and its very frustrating to not be able to talk to her. Her " friends" get away with murder so to speak.The board member that lives in the building refuses to speak to anyone about anything.Im at my wits end.How can our exspenditures be the same every year? I was signed to go to convention center today but I fell and have to have surgery on Monday on my knee. Is there anyway I can get to talk to someone im regards to this or these matters.She also takes a month to screen a tenant to move in and charges 100.00 application fee.Only will let us do a 6 mos.Lease.This is so out of Hand.I lose tenants and 2 mos.Rent every year because of her rules. Thank you for any help you can give me.