Multifamily Laundry Options Today’s State-of-the-Art Laundry Rooms

Many new condos and HOAs offer in-unit washers and dryers as an enticing amenity, but for those living in older building or high-rise apartments, more than likely residents will have to share a common laundry room.

In most cases, laundry rooms in condos and HOAs are managed and maintained by outside contractors, who install the machines, service them when necessary, and collect those countless quarters or the more modern methods of digital currency you feed into them.

Two of the biggest laundry providers in the South Florida market merged in early 2014, so Coinmach and Mac-Gray together now own more than half the market share of condos and HOAs. CSC ServiceWorks, the parent company, owns a family of businesses, including Coinmach Corp., Mac-Gray, ASI Campus Laundry Solutions, Sparkle Solutions Corp., Appliance Warehouse of America, AIR-Serv, AirValet, Service Directions Inc. and Super Laundry.

Technological Advancements

When it comes to laundry facilities, today's condos and HOAs have an abundance of options, any of which can add value and lower costs for all sizes of communities and ownership types. Technology is driving owner and user convenience features and allowing higher levels of preventive maintenance and improved service.

Tony Regan, senior vice president of sales for American Dryer Corporation, a national distributor based in Fall River, Mass., says the overall appearance and amenities offered to laundry users has come a long way from years’ past. Larger capacity equipment with additional features and benefits—including simplified payment options that have made those endless rolls of quarters largely obsolete—have made the laundry experience faster and simpler.


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