May I Help You? The Modern Concierge At Your Service

 For most people, there simply are not enough hours in the day to do everything  that needs to be done. We rush to pick the kids up from school, make it to that  impromptu work meeting that just got called or even find the time to grab some  take-out dinner before we climb into bed and do it all again the next day.

 Thankfully, a growing number of South Florida co-op and condo residents are  finding a helping hand as more and more of the city’s residential buildings and communities are offering concierge services. “Everybody on the planet is trying to squeeze 36 hours into 24-hour days,” says Katharine C. Giovanni, CCS, founder and president of Triangle Concierge,  Inc., and founder and chairman of the board of the International Concierge and  Lifestyle Management Association. “The concierge is saying, ‘let me do the things that need to be done so we can give you the time you need  to live.’”  

 In South Florida, this kind of service is becoming more of an expectation than a  luxury as more buildings than ever before are offering it. “A lot of international buyers are attracted to high profile buildings or luxury  condominiums on the ocean in the South Florida area,” says Bill Worrall, corporate vice president of The Continental Group, a  management firm in Hollywood. “And these buyers are commanding more services as opposed to the traditional  Northeast snowbird who wants to retire here. With most international buyers it’s as if they assume a luxury building will come with concierge services.”  

 To address the rising demand for concierge services, more and more condos—particularly larger ones, like the 304-unit Prado and 228-unit City Palms in  Downtown Miami, but also smaller communities like the 60-unit Esplanade Grande—are including them in their amenities offerings.  

 “I think a concierge is an added luxury to somebody’s lifestyle,” adds J.C. Whitner, co-founder of the Miami-based concierge service GR8. “Especially in a place like Miami, it’s generally a place where people tend to spend a lot of money and having  connections and knowledge of the hot new restaurant or club is information that’s hard to come by”  


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