Maintenance Matters The Art of Getting it Done

Don't be fooled by the scenery; property management in Florida is not a day at the beach. While managers in Boston or Chicago may look longingly at their colleagues' sunny southern properties, the overall job description doesn’t really change much with geography. The process of minimizing maintenance costs and maximizing productivity on what may be multiple projects requires diligence and the ability to think on the go, no matter what area code your portfolio occupies.

While maintenance is just one aspect of property management, it tends to be the most visible. A good Community Association Manager (CAM) possesses keen organization and people skills, plus the ability to connect the dots and keep communication flowing between all interested parties including the board, the residents, and the vendors and contractors.

According to Ellen Lohr, president of AKAM On-Site Florida, Inc., a property management firm that handles luxury condos and HOAs across South Florida, “The purpose of building maintenance is to ensure that the structural, mechanical, and cosmetic elements of a property function optimally and without interruption. The manager must be mindful of the property’s maintenance at all times. In most cases, if a property is well maintained, it’s because the manager is doing a good job of managing maintenance-related issues. The quality of a property’s maintenance says a lot about the quality of the property’s management.”

The Condo Community

Vaida Silvia, CAM at The Overlook condominium in Jacksonville, agrees. She occupies an on-site office five days a week at the exclusive gated community. The Overlook features 10 three-story buildings with thirty apartment units in each.


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