Legislative and Legal Update Omnibus Housing Bill Rolls

When you’re up to your earlobes in alligators, it’s hard to recall that your initial objective was to drain the swamp. —Old Florida Proverb

A long-standing annual rite in the Florida Legislature is passage of an omnibus shared-ownership housing bill for condominiums (Chapter 718 in the Florida Statutes), co-operatives (Chapter 719), and homeowners associations (Chapter 720).

Each year the lawmakers ponder housekeeping changes to correct perceived shortcomings in these chapters. “Will they ever get it right?” one pundit wonders, but that’s admittedly unfair.

Shifting economic conditions, technological advances, and innovations in shared-ownership communities make some changes necessary. Others arise from political jousting among contending professionals, including accountants, attorneys, bankers, builders, developers, insurers, and community managers.

Some perennial proposals are tweaked each year to enhance their appeal. They eventually become law—or disappear when proponents give up trying.


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