Keeping Up Appearances Regular Maintenance Makes a Good Impression

There’s nothing quite like making a first impression. For those living in condominiums or homeowner associations in South Florida, a great deal of creating this important impression is often out of a resident’s hands, so it’s necessary for a manager or board to keep things looking great at all times.

“High-rise condominium lobbies, hallways, social rooms, fitness centers and pool areas experience a lot of traffic and creates the first impression for guests, realtors, potential buyers and business associates,” says Marcy L. Kravit, manager at Galleon Condominium in Fort Lauderdale. “It is imperative that from the moment a guest steps out of their vehicle, to the entrance of the lobby, steps on the mats, visits the front desk/reception areas and sits on the furniture, all must be presentable, fresh and clean.”

In order to accomplish this, it is recommended that managers provide housekeeping staff specific job-related tasks, products and checklists for each designated area. Light fixtures need to sparkle, windows need to be free of fingerprints and elevators need to be spotless.

“It’s important to have a maintenance program with a reputable cleaning service, but there are day-to-day things that need to be done that those working at the condo are responsible for,” says Maria Panela, president of The Hemispheres Condominium Association in Hallandale Beach. “You can’t rely on the people themselves, because let’s face it, although they want to live in a spotless environment—and think they do their part—most are just messy.”

A good manager will have a procedure in place to ensure that all areas of the condo are neat and tidy and will make sure that residents aren’t complaining about the overall appearance.


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