Creating a Safe Community Without Breaking Your Budget

Too often a condominium community takes a hard look at its security only after the damage is done.

“Our business is an event-driven business,” says Andres Vidales, district manager for ADT Security Services in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. “The majority of times that we get called, it is because something has already occurred.”

And when an incident does occur in their complex, residents tend to overreact. “When it does happen,” explains Officer Bob Wilkins, head of the Plantation, Florida police crime prevention unlit, “people have a perception that they are in the midst of an epidemic. But in reality they may have had the one or two isolated burglaries in their neighborhood.”

Whether theirs’ is an isolated case or a real indicator of a heightened level of crime in their neighborhood, the good news, says Wilkins, “is that it does invoke them to take a greater role in crime prevention. And it is a lot easier to handle your crime problem head-on then to wait until it happens.” And a lot less damaging to the psyche.

A top-grade, state-of-the-art security program can be more than an association can afford. But taken together, implementing a range of low-cost and no-cost solutions can take the community most of the way there.


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