Cleaning Green Less Mess With Less Environmental Stress

 During a live National Public Radio interview, much to the consternation of the  announcer and engineer, Gil Oren spray-painted a window between the recording  studio and the control room.  

 Oren is chief operating officer of Miami-based Eco Concepts, Inc., which makes  and sells Green Concepts cleaning products. He defaced the window to  demonstrate his company’s Green Concepts #10 Graffiti Remover, and to put the lie to the popular  misconception that green products aren't as effective as old-school solvents  and caustic chemicals when it comes to really tough tasks—like removing spray paint from window glass, for example.  

 Bleach and Ammonia

 Removing graffiti is just one of the many cleaning chores confronting  maintenance personnel in residential communities and developments.  Traditionally, the products they use to get the job done have been harsh  industrial chemicals that could damage the surfaces to which they were applied,  harm users and other people nearby, and even cause widespread environmental  damage.  

 The groundswell of public and commercial interest in preserving the environment  and consumers' health has resulted in an influx of new, more earth- and  user-friendly products that claim the effectiveness of their old-school  counterparts without the risks.  

 “A variety of products would get rid of the enamel paint, but they would not  leave a shiny window,” Oren says of his NPR stunt. “Our Graffiti Remover does—and a four-year-old could wipe it off without needing a HAZMAT suit.”  


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