Association Management and Property Maintenance The Critical Connection

 The most important contribution that professional management can make to a  client property and its owners is the protection and enhancement of the  property’s quality of life and its investment value. It is from these primary fiduciary obligations that all other management  activities take their direction.  

 Maintenance of a property’s structural, mechanical, and cosmetic elements is the most critical aspect of  protecting and enhancing quality of life and investment value. Poorly-managed maintenance will have a lasting, and possibly permanent, negative  impact on every aspect of a property’s operation.  

 Five Basic Categories to Remember

 Every property manager, chief engineer, and board member needs to be familiar  with the five basic categories of maintenance.  

 Routine maintenance, also referred to as custodial or janitorial maintenance, is  property maintenance that is performed on a regularly scheduled basis. This includes simple housekeeping, such as regular cleaning of the common  elements, as well as standard, recurring maintenance tasks, such as pool  cleaning.  

 Corrective or service maintenance is maintenance that is performed specifically  to repair an item or system. For example, when an elevator breaks down, corrective or service maintenance is  called for.  


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