A Matter of Style Different HOAs Require Different Management Skills

When visiting different doctors, have you noticed that they all have different personalities? One doctor is friendly and talkative, but another is the polar opposite—he forgoes the chit-chat, completes a thorough examination, and says goodbye, matter-of-factly reminding you to make an appointment for your next visit. One doctor is timid and reserved while the other one is aggressive and loud. And they all have their own ways of getting the job done.

Property managers are no different. You’ll find property managers with different management styles and personalities that are used with the staff, tenants, vendors and contractors. These personality and management styles help them to handle problems that they encounter along the way. Winston Churchill once said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Pairing the right personality and management style to the right building can make the difference in having a successful management relationship.

Finding the Best Fit

Jaime Soderland, senior manager at Management & Associates in Oldsmar says that when the company is pairing managers with their properties—which range in size from 18 to 750 units—they look at education, demographics and experience.

“We do that because we have a manager well versed in condos, we’d give them a portfolio of condos versus homeowner associations,” says Soderland.

When it comes to more specialized properties, such as active adult or assisted living communities, Soderland says that she needs a manager with more patience and understanding. “We understand we have to be more patient with those individuals on an older board. A younger board doesn’t need as much pampering.”


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